Anonymizing candidate data is now live!

We are proud and excited to announce that CodeScreen now provides the option to anonymize candidate data.

Anonymizing candidate data is now live!

CodeScreen now provides the option to anonymize any data about a candidate that would reveal the candidate's gender or ethnicity.

This removes unconscious bias when reviewing a candidate's solution to one of your CodeScreen tests, which promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in your organization.

To get started, click the Anonymize candidates check box when creating a new test:

Note if you want to turn this feature on for one of your existing tests, please let us know via email or our live chat and we will switch it on for you.

Once you send a test to a candidate when the anonymize candidates feature is enabled, we will display random names for each candidate and no longer show their email address:

Note admin users are still able to search for a candidate using the candidate's email address.

Our email & in-app notifications will also use the candidate's random name when notifying you that a result is ready to view.

The image displayed for each candidate will always stay as the initials of the candidate's random name.

Viewing GitHub Repos

We also remove any mention of the candidate's name and GitHub username from their GitHub solution repo. We do this in three different places:

1. We change the author name of each candidate commit to their random name:

2. We replace the candidate's real name in the repo description with their random name:

3. We remove the Contributors section that is usually displayed on the right-hand side of the repo page on GitHub.

The result of this process is that the reviewer does not know any personal information about the candidate, which means the candidate's solution is assessed fairly.

Note that the workflow from the candidate's point of view stays exactly the same as before.

Thanks for reading!